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Dust Mite Avoidance Jeffrey D. Miller MD
Diplomate, American Board of Allergy and Immunology
President, Mission: Allergy

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Allergy specialists recommend eliminating or decreasing your exposure to the substances to which you are allergic.

The most common indoor allergen is the house dust mite, and usually the most important step you can take is to encase pillows and mattresses in dust-proof encasings.

What is an encasing?

An encasing is an allergen-proof barrier that completely surrounds a pillow, mattress or boxspring, preventing the escape and subsequent inhalation of allergy-causing particles. All Mission: Allergy pillow and mattress encasings are made from breathable barrier fabric that allows air and water vapor to pass, while blocking all allergens.

Why are encasings important?

If you sleep 8 hours a night, you spend one-third of your life in bed! Moreover, dust mites are present in very high numbers in beds, where warmth, humidity, and dead human skin cells promote their growth.

Are they uncomfortable? Do they make noise?

Not Mission: Allergy encasings. They are soft and breathable, never stiff, hot or noisy.

How effective are Mission: Allergy encasings?

They completely block the escape of dust mite and animal dander allergens, as shown in scientific tests.

As a bonus, they also are certified to block bedbugs.

How are Mission: Allergy encasings different from other encasings?

They are far superior to other encasings in both the quality of their barrier fabric and the quality of their sewing construction. Fabric differences are immediately obvious in microscope photo fabric comparisons. Superior features are apparent in this brand-name encasing features comparison chart.

Click to learn more about different encasing types.

Who recommends Mission: Allergy encasings?

They are recommended by top allergy specialists throughout the United States.


“… protect both your pillows and your mattress with special mite-proof covers, experts say. Be sure you get covers from a reputable company, like Mission Allergy…”

"Much Ado About Dust Mites"
March 4, 2011
“Say sayonara to dust mites. The fix is to use hypoallergenic encasements on my mattress and pillows. Dr. Fost recommends Mission: Allergy.”

"How healthy is your bedroom?"
March 9, 2011


“…The first step in your mite-control mission: the right pillow and mattress covers. Skip the cheapie versions—their weave isn't tight enough. Instead, invest in Mission: Allergy Premium Microfiber Allergen-Proof Encasings.”

"Clearing the Air on Allergies"
January 25, 2012


“All mattresses, box springs, pillows and comforters should be encased in well-sealed, tightly woven, microfiber ‘mite-proof’ covers from a reputable company, such as Mission: Allergy...”

"Making the Indoors Safer for Allergy Sufferers"
September 16, 2014